Transaction Monitoring


Monitoring customer transactions, such as assessing historical and current customer information, interactions, and transactions to get a complete picture of customer activity. Transaction Monitoring is the real-time network between application performance, users and the business results.

The data is automatically collected at regular intervals and correlated to get the proper understanding and insights into the Application performance, User interface, Web-portal, IT operations, Customer experience and Business outcome.

The transaction monitoring procedures typically comprises of transfers, deposits, and withdrawals. Most financial firms use software tools like Observability to automatically analyse the data. Transaction monitoring helps the financial and software organizations to keep check, get the alerts, analyse the problem areas from the entire system or network which is live or active.

A regular monitoring of few key transactional parameters and it’s analysis helps to keep the entire system healthy resulting in higher customer satisfaction. The parameters used for monitoring would be:

  • Average Redirection Time
  • Average Page Load Time
  • Average Domain Lookup Time