Database Monitoring


Database monitoring is crucial to proactively track the condition and performance of databases to minimize downtime and troubleshoot issues. Monitoring is an important part of maintaining the reliability, availability, and performance of the database monitoring solutions.

When the tech stack grows, it is difficult to monitor all of the databases that your services are dependent upon. Observability platform allows you collect, visualize, and alert on all the aspects such as database performance data, and application dependencies in a unified view.

Why do we do database monitoring?

Database monitoring is a crucial part of application maintenance in general. Without solid monitoring in place, database problems might get overlooked until it’s too late and the business may lose money and customers.

Some major points to emphasize the importance of database monitoring:

  • Quickly determines the problem areas which impacts business. Evaluate key metrics with real-time data for faster, more reliable decision-making.
  • Speeds up troubleshooting, simplifies investigations, and encourages cross-functional collaboration.
  • Easily identifies issues like slow-running queries, bottlenecks, error rates with end-to-end application tracing. Consolidates database monitoring in a single platform.
  • Troubleshoot database performance issues in context and gain critical visibility and explores database and application interdependencies with the real time Service Map.
  • Visualize and alert on database performance data and navigate between database logs, infrastructure metrics, and application smoothly.