RITA Chatbots and AI Chatbots using IBM Watson

Mutturaj Baradol  |  March 16, 2021 11:22 am

How do we use AI to build ChatBots to automate customer support

In recent trends, due the rapid advancements made in Natural Language Processing and Artificial/Augmented Intelligence, chatbots have become indispensable for service/product based companies. The arrival of chatbots have opened up new realms of the customer engagement and new ways of doing business. They save time and efforts by automating customer support. Gartner forecasts that by 2020, over 85% of customer interactions will be handled without a human.

We have interactive chatbots powered by IBM Watson, to tend to our employees’ needs. Our chatbot Rakuten India Technical Assistant helps automate day-to-day queries and tasks assigned to the IT Department; ranging from password issues to new device procurement requests. RITA IT is intelligent enough that it can automatically raise Jira ticket for procurement requests made by the employees by itself.

Are you traveling internationally and want to know the status of your visa, flight tickets or your accommodation? Or do you have any other travel related query? No problem. Rakuten India Travel Assistant can take care of that for you. RITA Travel can understand the user query and fetch travel status details in real time and It also answers any questions you have regarding local travel and public transport reimbursement policy of the company.


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