Our New Office

Our New Office is located in the heart of the city, in the Central Business District of Bangalore. It is well connected to all modes of public transport, the nearest metro station being just 500 metres from the Office. It provides the employees with world class amenities such as a roof top cafeteria, gym, cool lounges and breakout areas etc.


Stylish Meeting Rooms and Breakout Areas, quiet spaces for serious discussions and open spaces for socializing, Three floors of spacious seating to accommodate our growing talent, Premium lounge to impress our discerning guests, Open Spaces with natural light and air to relax leisurely during breaks, State of the art Gym as it's so important to be physically fit, Valet Parking service and Roof- top cafeteria.


Casual meetings can now happen anywhere within the Office. In between these destination sites are lounges, hallways and other informal areas that can be so much more than transition spaces. These spaces are remarkable for their energy and activity; even a small lounge area can buzz with the enthusiasm of a small team at work engaged in animated conversation.


There is abundant evidence that humans learn best in teams, and that the strongest teams combine diverse individuals with different skills and backgrounds.Open Desk culture helps our employees to come together and share their knowledge and ideas instantly. New ideas and new directions start from ad hoc conversations.  The team’s space is their home base.


Rooftop sitting areas to relax, chat, collaborate and enjoy a warm coffee in the cool Bangalore weather. Our open space, roof top cafeteria provides the employees with free breakfast and lunch. They cater wide variety of high quality food items.