We took a holistic approach towards learning and development in the past quarter, with equal focus on technical training, leadership & soft skills training, and tech talks. To upskill employees technically, We had training sessions and workshops on Machine learning, Product Management, Hadoop, Agile and Scrum foundation. Under the leadership and soft skills, we had the training to improve crucial conversation and negotiation skills, Train the Trainer, Japanese language training. We had 5 tech talks in 4 months(June-October, 2018) on topics such as product and technology, Deep learning, supply chain technology etc. by the people who had decades of experience and held various leadership roles in Flipkart, Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal etc.


After the huge success of the hackathon for employees that was organized in March, 2018, we have planned to successfully launch an industry-wide hackathon on the 30th of November, 2018 and it's called Rakathon. The teams are working hard to make it a grand success. We have kept no stones unturned in getting the most diversified crowd participating in it, arranging best-in-class facilities to the participants, and increasing the visibility of Rakuten brand in Bengaluru.


Rakuten Deep Learning Challenge is hosted by Rakuten Institute of Technology Bengaluru (India), a dedicated R&D wing of Rakuten Inc. The challenge is to develop an algorithm that would classify a given recipe food image into one of the pre-defined categories with high precision and recall. Labelled dataset is provided for supervised training and mapping to different food categories.


CTO Summit is an exclusive event for technology leaders of Rakuten to discuss, assess, & adapt new technologies. Our goal is to make Rakuten as one of the most innovative companies in the world!

We had sessions for Technology(AI), Innovation(Startup Bengaluru), Strategy(Action Items), Collaboration(Work together).

Technology: Artificial Intelligence : AInization of Rakuten involves major changes in the way we build technology using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning methodologies. As a team, we are here to make changes - innovative ones.

Innovation: Start-up Bengaluru! Meet the coolest start-ups in Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India. Entrepreneurs will pitch and present their start-ups. we will understand, assess, and decide to collaborate with the young technology leaders of India.

Collaboration: Work Together : Our technology division is innovating new ways to make things better for businesses. Hear out the new stuff built internally and work together to make products better.