Rakuten Social Accelerator (RSA)

RSA is a CSR collaboration program by Rakuten that brings together Rakuten employees and social entrepreneurs to tackle critical social issues. In this program, social entrepreneurs leverage the knowledge that Rakuten has acquired while applying a philosophy of empowering people and society through innovation.

RSA is a very successful program in Japan and now we bring it to India

RSA Japan Demo Day: See video here!

A dedicated team of Rakutenians will work with social entrepreneurs on addressing technology needs for a period of 6 months.

Our mission

"Uplift organizations with the power of innovation and technology in Rakuten India"

We believe in the power of technology. Over the last 20 years, technology has continued to connect and expand the world. Our passion is to connect isolated people, make their lives richer, and multiply the positive impact of technology. We wish to help organizations achieve growth from “one to hundred”. Let’s open the door to the new world, with technology.

Values we bring to you

  • Make your business online and scalable
  • Support monetization of social businesses (like introducing to E-Commerce business models)
  • Understand your stakeholders deeper with online survey
  • Improve system security for larger scale businesses
  • Data Analytics, recommendation engines and more

Who can apply

  • Any Non-profit organization solving social issues
  • Organizations who need technological support
  • Any sector falling under Sustainable Development Goals that actions to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity

Program Timelines


Rakuten Social Accelerator Entry Form

For more information reach us at rakuten-india-RSA@mail.rakuten.com or call us at 9972570179, 8050832863 or 9886345622