Unique culture at Rakuten !!!

Rakuten’s unique culture values the spirit of entrepreneurship, ambitions and a sense of unity. These ideals are put into practices by following the Asakai (morning meetings) and Shimekai (month-end meetings) traditions.


Asakai: Morning meetings for all employees

Asakai is held once per week and is attended by every employee in the company. The agenda includes a speech from our CEO, Hiroshi Mikitani (Mickey) covering his vision for the company, overall direction, and updates from individual businesses within the Rakuten Group on their accomplishments and best practices. This is then followed by updates from other group companies as well.
Asakai is a way of focusing everyone’s minds on the same goals and maintaining awareness, transparency and help employees keep abreast of developments across the Group and understand the role their business plays. Sharing information widely also boosts yoko-ten, Rakuten’s term for the dissemination of best practices throughout the Group, and management-level overviews of corporate strategy.

Shimekai: Month-end employee meeting

Shimekai is a monthly employee fun engagement activity held at the end of every month. Here each month consists of a unique theme ( fitness, celebrations, festivals etc) where all employees gather and celebrate. Shimekai provides a forum where employees from various departments/team get together and interact with each other which in turn also boosts their interpersonal relationship at work.
Fun activities are arranged for employees to participate post which the winners are announced. This is then closed with serving of refreshments to all employees.